• (Video) ELLE SHOP 3rd anniversary promotional video

      We created a special promotional video for ELLE SHOP, a fashion E-Commerce site produced by Editors of Elle Japon, to celebrate their third year anniversary. The video was designed to capture the essence of their fashion statement. To see the full video : ELLE online   Date : 2013/01/21 Produced by AtelierO Creative Director : […]

  • (VJ/Event Coordination)Power of Sports in Tohoku

                we supported Tokyo goverment’s charity event for Tohoku district area. This event was planned for cheer up the childern in the tohoku earthquake diaster area by the power of sports. A lot of Olympian from London olympic joined for encourage the future atheletes. Date:22th Dec 2012 Venue:Xebio arena sendai […]


    ZOOLOOK event on CHANEL Pierre Gagnere Roof top garden in Tokyo Ginza. from beno lavaud on Vimeo. we worked for event digest video of ZOOLOK event on CHANEL pierre Gagnere Roof top garden in Tokyo Ginza . client:ZOOLOOK Date:19th OCT 212 venue:CHANEL pierre Gagnere Roof top garden in Tokyo Ginza Video produce:Hiro Kamegawa

  • (Mapping)Alfa Romeo Innovative Fashion Drive exhibition at CoSTUME NATIONAL

      We made mapping & sound & lighting exhibition system for Alfa Romeo’s exhibition at Costume National Minami aoyama . http://jp.alfaromeo-jp.com/mito/fashiondrive/ Date:15th June 2012 venue:CoSTUME NATIONAL ,aoyama Total produce and creative direction by SivanS Ltd http://sivans.jp/   Mapping :AtelierO Sound & Lighting & Mapping programming:VJyou  

  • (VJ & Visual Direction)FIAT500 by Gucci

    Hiro Kamegawa worked as Visual Director / VJ for the special preview event of FIAT500 by Gucci. date : 2011.07.08 venue : FIAT cafe at AOYAMA Visual Director:Hiro Kamegawa VJ performer:Hiro Kamegawa

  • (VJ)MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku

              we worked for MTV’s charity event Flea Market for Tohoku http://www.fleamarket.jp/ Date : 25th June 2011 VJ : Akemi Ricard

  • (VJ)JBL AS2010

              we played VJ for the opening ceremony of Japan basketball league all star 2010.   Date : 12.23.2010

  • (VJ)- Tokyo 2010 International Pole Championship-

        HiroKamegawa VJed for the International Pole Championship 2010. Date : 9th December 2010 –Acts– ULTIMATE POLE CHAMPION Women 2010 Mai Sato Japan ULTIMATE POLE CHAMPION Men 2010 Duncan West Australia ULTIMATE POLE CHAMPION Disabled 2010 Eri Kamimoto Japan Women Pole Art Champion 2010 Zoraya Judd USAWomen Pole Art Runner Up 2010 Giulia Piolanti […]

  • (Visual Direction) Audio – Tokyo Electronic Music Festival at Harumi Port Terminal .

    Event : AUDIO|Tokyo Electronic Music Festival 2010 Date:17th July2010 venue:Harumi port terminal VJ performance : HiroKamegawa aka VJyou Visual Direction : HiroKamegawa aka VJyou —Artist lineup—- Octave One, Daniel Bell, DOC MARTIN, KRUSH, KEN ISHII, 石野卓球 , XAVIER MOREL,DJ 3000, Sound Pellegrino, Reset Robot, Anti Pop, DEXPISTOLS, SPEK, The SAMOS, GROOVE PATROL, DJ KYOKO, AKR, SATOSHI […]

  • (VJ)LED Next Stage 2010

    VJyou played VJ for the LED next stage 2010 Date : March 9 – 12, 2010 place : Traxon booth

  • (VJ)Hennessy Artistry @ SoundBar plus

      Hiro Kamegawa aka VJyou had worked for Hennessy artistry. Date:2009.11.14 Venue:SOUND BAR plus Client:Hennessy —Artist line up— Vincent B aka DJ Metamorphine BOY ALLERGY Yohei Hibiki FREON TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES Shane Berry Xavier Morel Pinkman LineKernel HiroKamegawa aka VJyou

  • (Mapping) Phonika poolside

      Hiro Kamegawa worked for the projection mapping at Phonika poolside Event : Phonika poolside Date : 2009 AUG 22 venue : Ageha Tokyo

  • (Mapping) Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”

    (VJyou)the opening part of Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”. from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo. VJ : Hiro Kamegawa composer : Hiro Kamegawa Date:24th May 2009 Venue : teatlo do sonyo,kamata,japan Acts:Hatsuden NOTE geocities.jp/hatsuden_note/

  • (music) walking between data and junk

    (VJyou)walking between the data and junk from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo. we produced the Audio & visual contents for the VJyou’s exhibition. March 2009 Photos,Vfx,Music by VJyou

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