• (music) モーニング娘。FCイベント 2013 WINTER 〜Morning Labo! Ⅳ〜 用リミックス

    モーニング娘。FCイベント 2013 WINTER 〜Morning Labo! Ⅳ〜 用に、『ワクテカ Take a chance』 の和風リミックスを行いました。 Date : 2013 Jan

  • (Video) ELLE SHOP 3rd anniversary promotional video

      We created a special promotional video for ELLE SHOP, a fashion E-Commerce site produced by Editors of Elle Japon, to celebrate their third year anniversary. The video was designed to capture the essence of their fashion statement. To see the full video : ELLE online   Date : 2013/01/21 Produced by AtelierO Creative Director : […]

  • (Mapping)Alfa Romeo Innovative Fashion Drive exhibition at CoSTUME NATIONAL

      We made mapping & sound & lighting exhibition system for Alfa Romeo’s exhibition at Costume National Minami aoyama . Date:15th June 2012 venue:CoSTUME NATIONAL ,aoyama Total produce and creative direction by SivanS Ltd   Mapping :AtelierO Sound & Lighting & Mapping programming:VJyou  

  • (Mapping) Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”

    (VJyou)the opening part of Hatsuden NOTE’s 3rd exhibition”subliminal”. from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo. VJ : Hiro Kamegawa composer : Hiro Kamegawa Date:24th May 2009 Venue : teatlo do sonyo,kamata,japan Acts:Hatsuden NOTE

  • (music) walking between data and junk

    (VJyou)walking between the data and junk from Visual Label Atelier O on Vimeo. we produced the Audio & visual contents for the VJyou’s exhibition. March 2009 Photos,Vfx,Music by VJyou