About us

Visual Label AtelierO is the collaboration platform for the  visual artists based on Tokyo and Los Angels.
Our aim is producing a beautiful moment.
Please feel free to contact us about anything what you want.



Background — where are we now?


in 2005,Thomas L. Friedman said, “The World is FLAT.” I read this book when I was a university student of the human cultural anthropology. At that time, I couldn’t get the realistic image of the book. After I’ve been working with various PR contents for the a lot of brands, now I understand what is going on. Yes, the world is becoming a great monoculture— the culture of human being.—-and we are diving into the space age. But as you may know, we need more time for watching the real earth culture. We are still in the era of union of a lot of local cultures.

In visual communication, we can’t explain the goal only by the logic. Each culture has each sense of beauty. So we need to have an actual experience of a face to face communication with a lot of cultures. And this is why we are selected by many clients. We have many experiences to work with the world wide conglomerate and at the same time, we understand each mother language has their own culture. We are using English for business communication, but there are still too many things which can’t be translated. I needed a time to feel this big storm since I grew up in Japan – very isolated culture country. But because of this isolated environment, I can understand an emotion for keeping originality of each culture.

In 2013, I had a chance to make a speech at the “TED x TOKYO Teachers.” My point was, ”We can’t stop the globalization but we can change the meaning of globalization”. IT revolution and global financial institutions are changing the world so rapidly, and it’s making both of positive and negative effect. However it will be, the human itself is still living in an analog field. I don’t know how it will be when it’s time to turn the cyborg technology. Also, I don’t know how this world will be after the singularity. But I think now we are exactly in junction point of our era. If we keep on being clever and having good eyes for the real, the meaning of globalization will be the union of multiple cultures. But if we escape from a freedom, the meaning of globalization will be the world wide culture conquest and only the big brother will rule the earth

So, what we can do now? Still I don’t know the goal. This is why I am keep working in brand culture communication.


WE NEED  YOU –who have the duality


Visual Label AtelierO is the network of visual artists through APAC. (L.A  – Tokyo- Kual Lumpuer) and we are living in a melting spot of each culture. And at the same time, we are living in a border between a life of artist and a life of business person. Whoever you are, we can’t escape from the modern economic system. We need to sell something for getting cash.

AtelierO has 2 faces. One is a visual artist management. Another is a creative agency for normal business  world.

If you are already rich, I guess you are not reading this article. We are welcome for all the people who is ambitious and have passion for the future. Desire for a stable life is a common demand of human beings. And if we want to keep surviving in this concrete jungle, we need to keep a balance between business and the voice from an inner heart. This is why I demand a person who has a duality. I don’t want to talk with a robot. I don’t need an operator. I want to work with human beings—who wants to live with a heart. I don’t know when Artifical Intelligence will be beyond a human society but before that, we need to define a meaning of heart and a meaning of emotion. If we can’t programming the meaning of humanity, all of us will be a slave of Artifical Intelligence.

I need person like you, who has a passion to make works which can move a heart.

The bridge  between the word to memory

So what it the meaning of our works?

We are not making a data. We are making a memory—a moment when people experience the heart moving.

We get the fee not by the salary of operation but the exchange of gratitude.

Our skill, technology must be used for making a bridge between someone’s dream to the other’s memory.

This is why we need to keep in touch with the event industry.


Hiro Kamegawa the CEO of AtelierO APAC. 2015 April