• (video) FIAT viral movie

    Project 2016 March Total produce : SivanS Total coordination : AtelierO Unit A Director: Sho Fujii Director of Photography : Kateb Habib Best Boy Grip : Rafael Yuji Matsuura Production Assistant : James Latimer DIT / Script Supervisor : Thais Megumi Kodaira Production Sound : Jeff T Unit B Director : Tolu Ando assistant camera : Yuna Abe, Katsuhiko,Miyata

  • (video) Hilton Tokyo HR movie

      Total Produce : SivanS Total coordination : AtelierO Main videographer : Tolu Ando assistant videographer: Yuna Abe, Nana Sakai, Katsuhiko Miyata, Tama B Makishima, Editing : Hiro Kamegawa  

  • (Space Design) “Aymmy in the batty girl ” private view Spring Collection 2014

    we worked for the space design of Aymmy in tha batty girl's private view event. Date : 2013 Dec 7-21 venue: Asobi system office Client : SML Co.Ltd Space Produce : SML Co.Ltd Space Design : Hiro Kamegawa Construction : AtelierO . REDIA WORKS

  • (Mapping)NYELA 2014 New Year’s Eve countdown

    NYELA 2014 New Year’s Eve countdown 3D PROJECTION MAPPING light show from Akiko Yamashita on Vimeo. our artist AkikoYamashita worked forNYELA 2014 New Year’s Eve countdown 3D PROJECTION MAPPING light show. Projection Mapping by VT Production Design Creative Direction Michael Fullman Touch Designer Matthew Wachter Visual Design Akiko Ymashita (2D/3D Animations) akikoyamashita.com David Estes (3D […]

  • (VJ)2013 12.29 NBL ALL-STAR GAME 2013-2014 in TOKYO

      VJyou worked for the NBL All-star game 2013-2014 in Tokyo. Date :  2013 12.29 venue : Ota-city-general gymnasium        

  • (Mapping) Greystone Mansion

    Akiko Yamashita worked for the projection mapping at Greystone nsion Date:2013 winter

  • (Mapping) Projection Mapping graffiti wall at Tunnel Vision

    Projection Mapping graffiti wall at Tunnel Vision Projection Mapping by Mapjacks at Tunnel Vision. wall collapse animation : Akiko Yamashita Scary face animation : Asa Fox Mapping :Evan Weitzberg and DJ Turnsignal. Date : 2013 Winter

  • (VJ & Lighting) Baliasi 10th anniversary “the carnival of the animal”

    Hiro Kameagwa worked for the Baliasi’s 10th anniversary special exhibition “the carnival of the animal” Lighting : Hiro Kamegawa VJ : Hiro Kamegawa Date : NOV 1-4 2013

  • (VJ & Lighting & StageDesign)TouchME after party 2013 AW

    we produced stage design, VJ & Lighting for touchME afterparty Date : OCT 12 2013 Venue : LaBoheme Shibuya Stage Design : HiroKamegawa Stage Decoration : Hiro Kamegawa Stage Construction : AtelierO banner design, CS design : AtelierO VJ and Lighting : VJyou

  • (mapping)IVORY7 CHORD ONE

    we worked VJ and lighting for the PV of IVORY7 CHORD’s new sone “ONE”. Visual : VJyou Date : Aug 28, 2013

  • (video)zoolook | LAFORET HARAJUKU POP UP STORE

    LAFORET HARAJUKU POP UP STORE from beno lavaud on Vimeo. Hiro Kamegawa made the event archive video of zoolook’s pop up store at Harajyuku Laforet Videographer : Hiro Kamegawa / Tolu Ando video editing : Hiro Kamegawa Date : AUG 1-14 2013

  • (Video)Jeep x FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’13

    We made event archive video for the Jeep x FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’13 Date : July 26-28.2013 Event FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013 Total produce and creative direction by SivanS Ltd http://sivans.jp/ Videographer : Tolu Ando, HiroKamegawa Composer : HiroKamegawa Video editing : HiroKamegawa Client : Sivans.Inc

  • (Video) zoolook apli introduction video

    we  made the introduction video of zoolook. Videographer : Hiro Kamegawa Motion Graphic : Hiro Kamegawa client : zoolook Date : 14th June 2013

  • (Mapping)Fire & Ice Fashion Show

    Event : Curt Darling Salon Grand Opening fashion show venue : Curt Darling Salon LosAngels Date : June 12th(Wed) 2013 visuals : Mapjacks projection mapping : Mapjacks

  • (VJ & Lighting) 【Peep Show】~Dead or Alive~2013

      Lighting : Hiro Kamegawa VJ : Hiro Kamegawa Date : 2013 May 30 – June 2 ACT : YOSSY,NIKA,Chie,RIE,KENGO,PILO,Jhay, KOZUE,MEG,NON-P,MOCO,Rafael,Catharine

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